Jun 1 2015 Mayor Fischer announces 80 summer learning programs for youth, teenagers

From safari camps at the Louisville Zoo to reading programs in the libraries to an online brain chase game at community centers, Louisville is offering over 80 learning programs for students during the summer break, Mayor Greg Fischer announced today.

Jun 1 2015 Neighborhood Place Partners Provide Opportunities to Cook Healthy and Save Money

Neighborhood Place locations in Louisville will offer several workshops this month to learn how to cook delicious, healthy recipes and ways to save money by couponing and conserving energy.  To learn more about these services, including reservation requirements and contact information, please refer to the phone numbers listed by each event.

May 29 2015 Deadline for Federal Assistance for Kentucky Storm Survivors Approaching

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Kentucky storm survivors have until June 30 to register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency for assistance and complete their Small Business Administration disaster loan application.

May 29 2015 Three Small Businesses Receive Approval of METCO Loans

Three businesses were approved for loans in the amount of $179,820 by the Louisville Metropolitan Business Development Corporation.  The loans will leverage a total investment of $443,320 to assist three companies to renovate properties and prepare them for productive commercial reuse. 

May 29 2015 Using Data to Improve Police Accountability and Community Trust in Louisville

Recently metro officials from the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD), the Office of Performance Improvement (OPI) and the Department of Information Technology (DOIT) were in Washington as part of the White House Roundtable on Technology and Data Innovations for Transparency and Accountability in Policing.  They were invited, along with officials from 20 other cities, to participate in a focus group on how data and technology can be used to improve law enforcement, community relations a