Jul 29 2015 Metro Council members join LMPD’s Fourth Division for National Night Out in Wyandotte Park on August 4th

It is an opportunity to send a message to criminals and get to know the people who protect us in the fight against crime. That’s the reason why a movement was created more than 30 years ago as neighborhoods across the country decided it was time to take back their streets from crime.
On Tuesday, August 4th, in Wyandotte Park, the LMPD’s Fourth Division invites everyone out to this year’s National Night Out celebration.

Jul 29 2015 Council members Owen and Hollander encourage residents to join Fifth Division LMPD officers for National Night Out

With the back drop of the Peterson-Dumesnil House, residents of Council Districts 8 and 9 will have a chance to find out what’s going in the fight against crime on Tuesday, August 4th.

Jul 29 2015 Councilman Hollander announces monthly “Meet with Bill” set for Tuesday, August 11th

Louisville – Councilman Bill Hollander is encouraging District 9 residents to come out for the monthly “Meet with Bill” set for Tuesday, August 11th at the St. Matthews Eline Library.

“I want to make myself available to the people of District 9 to let me know what’s on their mind,” says Hollander. “I will be hosting these informal chats at various times through the district. We are always happy to hear from constituents.”

Jul 29 2015 Council members Hamilton, Tandy and Hollander Partner with LMPD’s First Division for National Night Out at Waterfront Park

The Louisville Metro Police Department’s First Division is inviting everyone to come out to the Big Four Bridge at Waterfront Park on Tuesday, August 4th as part of this year’s National Night Out Celebration in an effort to partner with communities to fight crime

Jul 29 2015 Council Members Woolridge, Green, Hamilton and James invite residents to LMPD’s Second Division National Night Out

Councilwomen Mary C. Woolridge (D-3), Jessica Green (D-1) and Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) are encouraging residents to take an active role in fighting crime by participating in National Night Out on Tuesday, August 4th with LMPD’s Second Division officers at the First Choice Market.