Get Involved


There are many ways you can become part of the City of Parks initiative:

  • Volunteer!  The Metro Parks Volunteer Office can find ways for individuals and groups to be part of achieving the goals of the City of Parks initiative.
  • Donate!  You can make a difference by donating to the Louisville Metro Parks Foundation, 21st Century Parks or the Olmsted Parks Conservancy.
  • Attend Meetings!  You can now receive meeting notices and project updates via e-mail for the broad City of Parks initiative.  If you're interested in learning more about speficic projects for which public input is currently being collected, click here.
  • Write!  We’re collecting statements from citizens and community leaders on why the City of Parks initiative is important, as well as historical information regarding several projects ongoing in our parks.  For a list of those parks undergoing the master planning process, please click here.

For more information:

Metro Parks
P.O. Box 37280
Louisville KY 40233-7280
Fax: 502/456-8111