Apply for a Bonfire Permit

Preventing fires is of the highest priority. The Louisville Fire Department Bonfire Flameworks with the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District on outside burning. The focus of the APCD is to protect the environment, and LFD takes seriously our desire to protect life and property.

Obtaining the proper permits for a bonfire is a several step process for residences in the Urban Services District. Procedures may differ in other fire districts.

  1. Contact the Louisville Fire Prevention Bureau (502-574-3731) and speak to one of our Fire Inspectors of your request for a Bonfire Permit.

  2. A Louisville Fire Prevention Inspector will schedule a date and time to visit your site for an evaluation.

  3. If approved, the Inspector will provide a Louisville Fire Department - Fire Prevention Bureau - Bonfire Permit.

  4. A representative of the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District shall be contacted by the person requesting and the completed Bonfire Permit mailed or faxed to them.

  5. You may be required by the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District to complete an Application for Recreational Fire.

Remember: All provisions, requirements and conditions of the Louisville Fire Department Bonfire Permit shall be complied with at all times as well as any of the other agency requirements.

                         Note: Procedure subject to change.