Healthy Gardening

Grow Your Own!

Whether you want to grow your own fruits at home in small pots, create a small garden, or become part of a community garden, we guarantee you’ll enjoy the taste and satisfaction of growing your own food.

Home Vegetable Gardening

University of Louisville’s Safe Urban Garden Development Program

Community Gardens are a great way for neighbors to come together to improve their health and their neighborhood. They help to beautify the neighborhood, provide residents with a sense of ownership and accomplishment and often with healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables. Community gardens are a great way for older generations to pass down knowledge and for neighbors to learn from each other. Learn more about community gardens here.

Check out these Community Gardens in Louisville:

UK Extension Service Supported Community Gardens
Shawnee Community Garden

The Parkland Community Garden

The Portland Orchard Project

Louisville Grows

If you’re interested in starting a community garden in your neighborhood, go here.

Child harvesting potatoes from Blue Lick Community Garden