Healthy Eating

Why is healthy eating important?

Healthy eating is important for everyone, no matter what age or stage of life. Eating well provides nutrition to give us energy, to prevent disease, and to improve health.

You’ll find a ton of helpful information here including healthy recipes, nutrition tips and information, calorie tracking and how to work physical activity into your eating plans.

To learn more about healthy cooking visit the Eating Well website.

Teach your kids about where food comes from or take a field trip to a farm. Click here for more information.

Shop locally for fresh healthy fruits and vegetables and other products by visiting a Farmers Market or participating in a Fresh Stop.

Shop at a Healthy Corner Store.

Grow Your Own!

Learn about safe gardening and Louisville Community Gardens. Click here

Healthy Drinking

Drink or serve Louisville’s award winning pure tap® water at home, on the go, or at business, school or community functions.

Limit sugary beverages. Here’s why.

Here’s what sugar does to your smile.

Become an advocate!

Join the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Healthy Eating Committee. This committee works to make healthy eating of fresh fruit, vegetables and other foods the easy choice for residents of all ages and incomes, for every meal, every day. If you’d like to join, contact us here.