Methadone Treatment Center

The MORE Center is an outpatient program funded by Federal Block Grant to the State of Kentucky and by patient fees. The staff provides medically monitored drug treatment and related counseling services to patients who are physiologically dependent upon a narcotic drug such as heroin, morphine, and OxyContin. The MORE Center (Methadone Opiate Rehabilitation & Education) is currently funded to serve 200 patients. The MORE Center’s mission is to empower persons addicted to opioid drugs so they will improve their quality of life. We provide a safe environment that includes: a comprehensive structured recovery program of counseling, education, medical care, and case management. Patients are required to abstain from illegal and unapproved drug use. Through treatment, patients re-establish or build family and close relationships; and find meaningful employment. 

Effective treatment prevents crimes associated with drug addiction. Research and clinic observations prove that most patients succeed in recovery and become productive citizens. The Center encourages recovery and participation in the fellowship of AA/NA. Observed urine drug screens are collected randomly on all patients in order to monitor their progress. The MORE Center offers several different counseling groups a week in order to facilitate successful recovery.

        Clinic Hours 

Monday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday

6:15 AM to 1:00 PM

9:00AM to 9:15 AM close

Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday:

6:15 to 9:00 AM

9:00 to 9:15 AM – closed

9:15 to 10:45 AM

Patient handbooks and brochures are provided. 
For questions about the intake process of if you have questions about the MORE Center contact the M.O.R.E. Center us at

          Phone:(502) 574-6414 
             FAX: (502) 574-6503 

What is Methadone? Methadone is a synthetic opiate and when taken orally, it blocks the effects of heroin, morphine and other opiates such as OxyContin.  Methadone also prevents the withdrawal symptoms that occur when opiate use is discontinued. A properly prescribed methadone dosage does not sedate or give a “high” to an individual stabilized on this medical treatment.

Taken as medically prescribed, methadone has no harmful physical effects, even when administered over a long period of time. Studies on the effects of methadone, which have been conducted over the past twenty years, have supported this finding.  Methadone Treatment or opiod replacement therapy is the most researched treatment modality in the field of addictions.

There are many myths concerning methadone’s effects.  One such myth is that methadone “rots your bones”. Methadone has no effect on the bones. This myth comes from the muscular discomfort experienced when a person reduces their intake of methadone too quickly or when a person isn’t taking the correct amount of methadone medication.  Unlike other opiates, methadone is released slowly through the body over a 24-hour period. Another common myth states that methadone causes your teeth to decay.  Methadone does not cause tooth decay.  A poor diet and lack of regular dental care leads to these problems. Methadone does not cause damage to liver or other organs. Methadone is safe, effective, and recommended for opiate dependence in pregnancy. As with all medication, treatment needs to be properly monitored. If a patient drives or has a job that requires good reflexes or precision, their abilities are not affected by the methadone, when it is taken properly as prescribed. 

Possible mild side affects - In some cases, methadone can cause constipation, excessive perspiration, weight gain or changes in the menstrual cycle. Methadone can also interact with other prescription and non-prescription medications. As with all medical interventions it is important for the patient to follow the medical staff’s instructions and discuss any problems or concerns they may have. If a patient does experience any side effects they are usually mild, ease with time, and can be minimized by advice from medical and counseling staff.

We believe the patient can be successful. It isn’t always easy for a person to break through denial, turn their life in another direction or make changes in every part of their life, but we offer HOPE and a SOLUTION to the life of despair, loss of relationships, sickness, crime, and early death. It is a life where you no longer feel sick and tired, it is a life of joy, health, peace of mind, and pride in one’s self. A life in RECOVERY!