Emergency and Public Health Preparedness

Emergencies can take many forms – from tornadoes to ice storms; from floods to earthquakes.

In addition to physical threats to our safety, these natural disasters can also have serious public health consequences.

People who depend on electricity for respirators and other life-saving devices can have great difficulty. Clean water can be hard to find. Keeping and preparing food safely can be challenging. Disease can spread more easily and quickly.

We have also learned that we need to prepare for threats to public health that can result from terrorist acts.

Preparing Makes Sense! - View this video on how to prepare yourself and your family for emergencies.

The Office of Emergency and Public Health Preparedness prepares the public health response to natural disasters and to terrorist attacks.

It does so by working with other governmental agencies and private entities to make plans on how to respond to emergencies. It then coordinates exercises to practice these plans and to revise them as needed so that the community is prepared in an actual emergency.

These plans might include how to staff and supply shelters during a flood or ice storm or how to deliver life-saving medications after a bioterrorist attack.

Now is also a good time for You to get ready for whatever might occur:

  • Learn more--know which emergencies are most likely to occur and how to prepare for them. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Emergency Preparedness website.
  • Make a plan—decide where you will keep supplies, how will you evacuate, and how you will all get back together. Follow the planning steps provided at Ready.gov
  • Stock food water and other supplies--enough for 3 to 7 days.
    Now is a good time to begin collecting the items on our supply list.
  • Practice your plan--make sure everyone in your home knows the plan, and walk through it. To quickly test your knowledge, take this short quiz from the American Red Cross.

Dispensing medications at a drive-thru site

Emergency Medication Dispensing Sites
Click here to view sites to dispense medications in a public health emergency. (Points of Dispensing PODS).
Click here for a printable PDF of the sites.

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