In March 2003, Louisville Metro Government created the Citizens Commission on Police Accountability (by Ordinance No. 10, Series 2003) The Commission consists of a Chair and ten members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Metro Council.

The establishment of the Commission was a key part of the police reform plan Mayor Jerry E. Abramson and Police Chief Robert White unveiled on February 12, 2003 to provide more citizen involvement in police matters, improve public confidence in the police department and better protect citizens and officers.
The Commission’s scope is to review police investigations in all police shooting cases and incidents involving loss of life due to police action. The Commission will advise the mayor on the adequacy and quality of the investigation and may recommend changes in police policy, training and procedures.

To see an illustration of the case flow for a police-involved shooting or citizen death resulting from police actions, please click here. The Louisville Metro Criminal Justice Commission and LMPD provide support to the Citizens Commission regarding training and the conduct of regular meetings.

For additional information regarding the Citizens Commission on Police Accountability, please contact the Louisville Metro Criminal Justice Commission at 502.574.5088 or contact us.