County Attorney Newsroom

Delinquent Child Support List Nets Results

Wednesday October 30, 2013

Nearly $350,000 in child support has been collected since the Jefferson County Attorney’s office published an insert in The Courier-Journal that lists the names of people delinquent in child support payments.

The insert, which ran in the newspaper and was published online on Sunday, Sept. 8, prompted hundreds of calls leading to information on where to find parents who have fallen behind in their child support payments.

This year’s insert included 1,300 names, a subset of 3,882 names on the delinquent obligors list available on the County Attorney’s website. Those parents owed a total of $99.7 million to Kentucky children.

In the weeks following publication, the office was able to get information on 621 new addresses and find 447 employers of parents who were on the list.

That has led to wage assignments being put in place in 236 cases.

“Once again, citizens have come forward to help find parents who have stopped honoring their commitments to their children,” said Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell. “It is only with the public’s help that we can hold people accountable.”

The county attorney’s office first started publishing the annual insert in July 2005 to collect what is owed to children in this Louisville Metro.

“With 60,000 active cases, the Child Support Division staff is always looking for innovative ways to collect child support,” said Angie Anton, Director of the Child Support Division. “We know that families are struggling to get by. The insert always produces instant results. The goal is consistent, reliable payments and the insert proves to be a stepping stone toward that effort every year.”

With the $347,295 collected this year, the inserts have now resulted in about $9.15 million in delinquent child support being collected since 2005.

Some of the criteria for being placed on the list include: the obligor is not incarcerated, at least a 12-month delinquency with no payment in six months, no pending closure case and the children live in Metro Louisville.

To see this year’s list, visit Call 574-0821 if you have information about a person on the list.