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Special Programs

The Coroner's Office Has Initiated The Following Programs:

Indigent Burial & Cremation Program
- This program was established for the impoverished or destitute people of Jefferson County. When a relative or other legal representative applies for a county burial or cremation, the Coroner's Office will set a time for the application process in the initial interview. The Coroner evaluates the request and the needs of each situation, and resources (insurance, savings, Social Security, retirement, veteran benefits, etc.) are explored to determine eligibility of the person.

Be A Memory Maker Program
- Each year many homeless, indigent, mentally ill, disabled or disenfranchised persons die in our community with no family or resources. This often necessitates some to be buried with no grave markers to be memorialize their lives or identities. The Coroner's Office believes firmly in service to the community and is committed to providing permanent marker for the indigent people to acknowledge their time on earth. The Coroner's Office is the proud sponsor of the annual "Be A Memory Maker Golf Scramble" to raise money to purchase grave markers for individuals buried through the program.

Walking Through Grief - This department seeks to assist family survivors in their grief.  Understandably, each person grieves the death of a loved one differently because each survivor has had a unqiue relationship with the deceased.  Time may soothe the wound of a death, but it does not necessarily heal it.  There are feelings that naturally accompany all deaths, but if it is a traumatic, sudden or violent death, the feelings are compounded.  They normally cannot be dealt with alone.

As time passes, after a death and the finality of the separation takes hold, a survivor may welcome the assistance of an objective listener to hear her/his story, questions; and to help her/him understand the various feelings s/he is experiencing.  Since there are many resources available in the Louisville area to aid inthe grief process, the office can suggest an appropriate path for a survivor to follow as s/he works through the loss.  The Coroner's Office strives to offer survivors accompaniment.

Special Deputy Program
- Professionals with specific areas of expertise in fields such as Forensic Entomology, Forensic Odontology, Blood Spatter Experts, etc., may be appointed as Special Deputies to provide investigative expertise to the Coroner's Office.

- The Coroner's Office sponsors an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students. Internships typically are for one semester. The student is under the direct supervision of the Coroner who directs the activities of students, and meets with college/university personnel as appropriate. Internship experiences include viewing autopsies and accompanying a Deputy Coroner to various death scenes (suicides, homicides, fatal traffic accidents). Interested students should contact the college/university coordinator to arrange an appointment.